When I Wake Up In The Morning

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? What’s the last thing you do every day? These were questions that my beloved blogging group asked each other and from that moment, I’ve been carefully observing myself.

The ideal for what I would like to do is to go meditate and exercise, but the reality is that I often pick up my phone first thing in the morning. The biggest reason for this is that I use my phone as my alarm, but I also want to see what happened overnight. The truth is, not much really every happens from the moment I put my phone down to the moment I wake up.

I’m trying hard to break this habit because I have found that it becomes a rabbit hole in the morning. I don’t feel as productive for the rest of the day and my morning always gets thrown off. The days that I don’t pick up my phone first thing, I feel like I have the brain space to figure out what my days is going to be like, what are the priorities for the day and I usually run on time. Those mornings, I do a quick stretch, check on my daughter and head downstairs to open the blinds to take a look at the sky and the calm of the backyard in the morning. After a deep breath, I start to get my daughter’s lunch and snack packed, say good morning to my husband and then head back upstairs to wake up my daughter to get her ready for school.

The rest of the day feels less distracted and smoother.

At the end of the day, the last thing I do is check my emails, Facebook, instagram, twitter and watch television. I love television. I really really really love television. I love watching my late night talk shows and catching up on shows. I love my social media. Sometimes it’s catching up with my friends in the West coast or abroad. For me, it’s similar to chatting with my friend and having her sitting next to me.

Sometimes, I need to watch my television shows to shut off my brain. I never try to watch anything too serious at the end of the night. I usually like to be laughing as I am walking off to bed. The last thing I do is a final check of my sleeping daughter.

So tell me – what’s the first thing you do in the morning? What’s the last thing you do every day?

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