what a day…

when i was a little girl, i never imagined this day to ever transpire in my lifetime.  even when i dreamed out loud that i would like to be president of the united states one day, so many around me told me not to be silly that someone of color (especially a woman) would ever be elected as president in my lifetime or even maybe in the lifetime of our children.

well, it looks like our world has changed a little bit and my dream is not so far fetched or silly.  maybe we haven’t completely realized the dreams of mlk jr, but we have gotten a little closer to it today, haven’t we?

i look forward to the future but also have to applaud the outgoing president because being president is one tough job and despite whether you are red or blue in politics or stand as a conservative or liberal, he did the best that he could. you gotta respect him for that.

tears come to my eyes at this moment…not only for this great moment in history, but also for our children – what a different world they will get to grow up in seeing a president of color in office and their country moving a small step forward in realizing the true american dream.

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