VP Debates

I am not sure how I am feeling about all the knocks on Palin. As a woman, I sort of feel a little defensive. I have to admit that she didn’t do horribly as I thought she might based on recent interviews and such.  I do know that she is a smart and strong woman and can hold her own despite what media says. Geraldine Ferraro said post-debate that most people aren’t going to be voting because of the vp and i have to agree with that. Ferraro also pointed out the evasiveness and avoidance dance from Palin – that might be partly because of her lack of knowledge/practice or maybe it’s because the McCain campaign was telling her to steer away from it.  I’m not sure or sold on the reasoning behind her avoidances being simply that she doesn’t know or just likes to avoid questions.

Overall, though, I am proud that a woman was able to stand up there and debate (only the 2nd woman in history!) and hold her own.  Too bad I do not agree so much with her party’s views on the many issues… Oh, and poor G.W. – he is getting thrown under he bus left and right by his own party.  Tough cookies George.  Maybe you should’ve thought through things a little more before acting and maybe you should’ve listened to your wife a little more – she seems like a smart woman.

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