Try New Things (TNT) Thursdays: The Ergo 360 Carrier

I’m a sucker for anything new and shiny. I love infomercials too! If it says “NEW” on it, I want to try it. So I thought, I would share some of those things with you! It might be a kid product, a food, a recipe, a movie, a purse, or an experience- pretty much anything. So here is the first one to kick off this week and in honor of my preggo friends!

First, let me introduce you to The Baby Guy NYC (also known as Jamie). He’s super knowledgeable about all things baby gear and used to work in the industry before he became The Baby Guy NYC. He is a huge fan of baby carriers, as am I. I was excited about this because when Ninjette was a baby, I had two separate carriers – one for outward facing (like the Baby Bjorn, but I used the Belle carrier) and another that would let me carry her inward facing (great for nursing also!) and on my back – the Beco. I LOVED baby-wearing and found it to be so convenient.

I wished that I could’ve meshed the two carriers into one, though. At the time, there wasn’t one that could do both. As Ninjette got older and heavier, there were new carriers on the market that could do both. This one, though, is supposed to have the baby in an ergonomic position (good hip and spine positioning). Some babies want to be outward facing to see what’s going on. I know that Ninjette definitely enjoyed seeing what I was seeing, but also being able to be close to me. The stroller was almost too far away for her and we couldn’t talk so easily (or her babbling at me and me responding). The cool thing is that since you can also have this inward facing, it’s a great way to nurse on the go if you choose to breastfeed.

The Ergo does have an infant insert to use in the early days. My Beco also had an infant attachment in the little pouch design that I used with Ninjette when she was a few weeks old. I tried slings and wraps, but could not figure them out and it didn’t feel secure to me, so I was thankful to have the Beco. I think I would’ve gone with the Ergo, but since my upper body is shorter, the Beco just fit a lot better. However, Ninja did use the Beco to carry Ninjette with the adjustable straps, so it can work for those with longer torsos too.

Whichever carrier you decide to go with, I think it’s going to be a win-win and will give you lots of options and flexibility in one. For those of you who are having babies soon, I will gladly hold them for you anytime! 🙂

By the way, make sure that you go and try the baby carrier AFTER you give birth. (Unless you get one of these as a gift.) If you are in the Boston area, you can go try carriers at Isis or Magic Beans stores. Also, places like Mama & Me have babywearing support meetings to help you out!

Carry on!

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