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Do you love shopping? I definitely enjoy shopping, especially online shopping. More than the actual shopping, I love “window shopping.” The internet has made window shopping an amazing experience for me because I can window shop all over the world. I am also a sucker for new products, designs, and fashion. Now I can find the latest and newest stuff from all over the world and it can be done all in my pajamas! Can this be considered a hobby? I hope so, because it’s definitely a regularly activity during my leisure time (or when I’m hiding out in the bathroom from my kid).

Since becoming a parent, I have relied more and more on online shopping than ever before. It amazes me that I can purchase daily life necessities, gifts for a kid’s birthday, and that beautiful pair of shiny black heels all from my smartphone or iPad. It’s like this modern day drive through without the whole having to get in your car and actually drive through part. Sure, you don’t always get the instant purchase of goods in your hand at the moment of purchase, but you can get pretty close! This is perfect for Boston winters because I hate going out when it’s dark and cold!

However, the most frustrating thing about shopping is not being able to find what you are looking for. This always happens to me when I’m looking for something specific. I already have an idea in my mind of what I want it to be and what I imagine the cost to be. If it’s not just right, I usually end up quite annoyed during my shopping – whether online or in person. Plus, with young kids, it’s really hard to even concentrate on shopping.

Along with being a sucker for new products, I’m also always on the lookout for new apps that will help me shop. Store apps, shopping apps, flash sale apps – all sorts of apps. Some of them are great, but most still leave something more to be desired. However, I may have discovered a pretty cool shopping app called the HauteApp. I had the awesome opportunity to chat with the CEO and creator of the Haute. Here is my interview with Mark – hope you all will give it a try!

NH: What is HauteApp?

Mark: HauteApp is a self-curated and intuitive mobile shopping experience. Simply, we’re making shopping more intuitive to each and every consumer, as individuals built for mobile devices.

NH: Why did you create Haute?

Mark: I was unable to shop on a national department stores website on my iPad.

NH: What’s one thing that makes Haute different from other shopping apps?

Mark: It’s completely self curating and intuitive. What does that mean? Each and every user downloads the same app but get an experience relative to their own experience.

NH: What’s your favorite store to shop at? Or brand?

Mark: I am going to cheat. Favorite store is Ted Baker. Favorite brand is Nudie Jeans.

NH: Your latest shopping purchase?

Mark: Reebok Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey, see you at the Winter Classic!

NH: Target or Wal-mart?

Mark: Target, being on the West Coast it’s more accessible for my household needs.

NH: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what is the one thing you would want to have with you? (Besides Haute App, of course!)

Mark: A new iPad Mini Retina, so I could access Haute to ensure I remain trendy.

NH: The best shopping advice you ever got?

Mark: Ensure your wardrobe is evenly mixed with various brands, just like Haute does!

Stay updated on Haute and get beta access by going to:

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