Truth Tuesday: Today is my birthday, IRL

Did you have to look up “IRL?” I don’t even know if I used that right. LOL! When I first saw that, I had to Google it. Along with things like NSFW, LMAO, SMH, YOLO, etc. Yeah, I’m old.

When the new year came and I discovered that it was the Year of the Snake, I was all excited because it was my year! However, it meant that it was the third cycle of the year of the snake that I was coming up on. A quick calculation and YIKES!

But hey, look at me riding a motorcycle – in Haiti! With a total stranger, without a helmet, and it was my first time!!! Plus, I totally love One Direction. See? I am still young at heart. Right????!!!!!

Being in your late thirties is not so bad. I feel a bit more established as a person and don’t care as much that, even at this age, I don’t have a lot of stuff figured out. I suppose it will come to me eventually and it makes life a bit more adventurous, plus I have gotten to try a lot of different things that I probably would not have had the chance to try. It has pushed me to try new things and get out of my comfort zone. There is a sense of security to be able to do those things. I definitely did not have it in my twenties. I feel much steadier on my feet – my twenties felt so wobbly.

I’m more tired, not really in shape – maybe borderline fat, and have to take more vitamins and pills. I don’t like it when music is playing too loud – I can’t concentrate and it gives me a headache. My little handbags have been traded in for diaper bag-ish bags that can hold blankies, extra clothes, underwear, snacks, water bottles, and ninjette’s stick and rock collection. In fact, I opt for a backpack and feel no shame for it. I love  anything with a bit of stretch and a little extra room here and there. My shoes all tend to be more comfort choices or flip flops.

The truth is, I kind of like this aging thing – to a certain point. I actually wish I could just stay in this age for a long long time. I’m glad I’m not younger, but I sort of don’t want to get older. This feels like a sweet spot for me – from now until maybe 40. Ask me again when I turn 40.

My hope for this year is to get in shape, eat better, love myself, and work hard on making my dreams come to fruition. In the eyes of my 4 year old Ninjette, I’m ageless and I am someone that she aspires too. I want to be the most kick-ass version of myself at all ages, so even when she’s a teenager, she will still want to aspire to be like me. (Fingers crossed)

Til the next year of the snake… YOLO and POAHF!

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