Truth Tuesday: My Bathroom is Dirty

I would post a picture of my bathroom toilet here, but I don’t want to gross you out. I feel all yucky just thinking about it. I still need to clean the tub, too. YUCK. I wish I could just throw bleach and disinfect the whole bathroom at once – like a bleach bomb. (Try to say that fast 10 times!)

But this is not really about my dirty bathroom and I am so ashamed that I just told you that my bathroom is dirty. Too late now, I guess.

I started thinking about my dirty bathroom because of a conversation I had with a friend about “doing it all.” There are some people that have that personality of trying to do everything themselves. I’m a little bit like that. I really should just let Ninja or someone else clean the bathroom, but I like it cleaned a certain way and I end up doing it over again if someone else has done it. I know, I know… I should just let it go, but I can’t for some reason. I have let a lot of other things go, so I’m just going to hang on to this one for now.

I think it’s pretty impossible to “do it all.” My only caveat to that statement is that if you were a mother from my mother’s or grandmother’s generation, that statement can’t apply to you. I am still amazed at how my mother and grandmother operate and keep their house clean all at the same time. I still don’t know how they do it and I sort of like the enigma of it. They are my always heroes.

Nevertheless, I continue to try to do it all. Now I need to go clean my bathroom.

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