Truth Tuesday: It’s Just So Hard To Let Go


In my younger years, I wanted to be a lady who lunched. After my kid turned 2, I was ready to go back to work and found myself working a part time job with this fantastic mentor and friend. It was the perfect set up! However, a year later, I was offered an opportunity that I felt like I couldn’t pass up and joined a start-up.

It was thrilling, exciting, time consuming, and a great learning experience. My kid loved the place that I worked at and she had come in to visit numerous times. I became good friends with those that I worked with and my family even spent time with my co-workers and got to know them. But then… It all ended.

Suddenly, I felt lost and a little aimless. Thankfully, I met a bunch of awesome women from the Listen To Your Mother show in Providence and it helped to focus me and kick my butt in the right direction. But, it still felt like I had broken up in long-term relationship and it was hard to let go. It’s still a little hard to let go. People were involved and that’s tough to separate and completely let go. I knew it would not be a clean break going in to it, if it ever happened to get to that point. 

I miss having somewhere to go in the morning. I miss having my own income stream. I miss having something else than “I’m a stay-at-home mom”(then seeing people’s faces just glaze over) when people ask, “Oh, so what do you do?” I miss working – with other adult people. I miss eating lunch with co-workers. I miss so many things.

However, I do love that I am at home for dinner time with my family. I love that I get to have Mondays and Fridays with Ninjette so we can have adventures or just laze around the house. I love having more time to spend with friends. I love that I’ve been able to blog. I love that I’ve had time to be more creative and pursue my postponed dreams and aspirations.

In the day to day, though, I still find it hard to let go. My confidence has waned and my life path feels a little rocked. It’s been tough to really get back on the horse again and it pains me when Ninjette asks why I don’t work at my company anymore.

But enough is enough. It’s time to move on for good and open myself up for new adventures – even when it’s hard to let go.

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