The Three Qualities Of An Butt-Kicking Princess #NaBloPoMo

Credit: mydisneyadventures

Credit: mydisneyadventures

Ninjette and I had a long conversation about princesses the other day. Car rides are always perfect for interesting conversations with a six year old. We started talking about princesses and the various princess movies we have watched. In preparation for our trip to Orlando, we’ve been listening to some Disney music and thinking a lot about all the things and characters we will see at Disney. Even though the main purpose of our trip is not Disney, I just can’t help it. I love it there.

However, I make sure to frame our love of all Disney characters, especially princesses, in a more modern take. In my opinion, I think it’s a more realistic view when it comes to fairy tales and the whole romantic and manufactured rescued princess storyline. Growing up, I fell for that storyline and felt ashamed of being capable, self-sufficient, and not-so-girly. I definitely want Ninjette to feel strong, powerful and capable. No “prince” or “princess” should define her.

After all my interjections, Ninjette got really quiet. She suddenly said, “It seems like all the princesses should have three qualities to be awesome and to be a rescuer.” I was secretly rejoicing at the fact that she thinks of princesses as the rescuers and not as someone helpless, just waiting around to be rescued. She decided that the three qualities were kindness, bravery and skills.

We thought about Rapunzel, Pocahontas, Belle and Mulan. We talked about how they showed kindness and how they were brave. We then talked about the various skills they had to kick some butt and go rescue their “princes.” We also decided that Disney should make way more movies where the princesses do the rescuing.

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