The Ride Home

A few years ago, we decided to drive back home on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We left in the morning and was going along just fine until we hit somewhere in Connecticut and all the cars stood at a standstill. FOR TWO HOURS. There was no where to turn around, exit, or anything. Thankfully, the weather was nice and people were getting out of their cars to stretch, commiserate together, and wait out the standstill.

Many hours later and then another slow down getting on to Interstate 90, we decided to never travel on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. So, we always try to leave on Saturday. It cuts our holiday short, but it saves our sanity.

Our ride home is always a bit sad because it’s always a little hard to leave family, especially when there are new babies to be held and snuggled with. It also smells a little in our car because of all the food, including kimchi, that my mother-in-law packs for us. You will also hear some soft snoring coming from Ninjette (or maybe me) since we’ve usually stayed up too late and gotten up too early with all the Thanksgiving hoopla. In the midst of snores, the car will also be filled with sounds of NPR podcasts, Taylor Swift, Yo Gabba Gabba, and a little bit of The Wiggles. There is usually a stop for lunch at a place that we don’t get to eat at back home like Rein’s Deli or Red Robin.

When we finally get home, the bags seem a little heavier and we seem to have brought back home more stuff than what we took. A load of laundry gets started and we prepare for our Sunday routines. If we get back early enough and aren’t too tired, we will venture a run to the grocery store. After that, it’s eating up whatever leftovers that my mother-in-law packed and relaxing.

It’s always a little rough to get back in the swing of things after being away since we tend to hit the ground running pretty hard. We somehow limp through Sunday, but we make it and start the grind all over again. The grind is always a bit different after Thanksgiving, though, since Christmas is right around the corner.

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and that you will travel back home safely, if you were away. May your ride home be smooth, safe, and quick.

photo credit: 27147 via photopin cc

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