The End Is Near, But I Need Your Help First

For many of you, school may already be over. Ninjette still has about a week left of school, but we are all winding down to gear up for summer. It feels like summer has come upon us too quickly and it also feels like it is almost over. I know, strange to feel both things at the same time. I LOVE summer, though. It’s a time where everyone relaxes and you can eat ice cream for dinner multiple nights in a row. For Boston, I feel like everyone was holding their breath through winter/spring and now they can just release.

We hope to go to the beach more often, be outdoors more often, and enjoy the summer without too many worries. Last summer, I had just started a new job and was scrambling for child care, ninjette started a new school, and I was all over the place because there were so many new things and big transitions happening all at once. It felt like a blur.

But this summer, we are going to try to be a bit more intentional. However, before we officially hit summer, I need a few ideas for teacher gifts. Something fun and cool for Ninjette’s teachers – after all, I’m a hipster mom, right? 😉

Any great teacher gift ideas???

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