The Blog Posts All Around Me

Today is the 13th day of NaBloPoMo. There have been some days that the blog posts come easily. Other days, though, I feel stuck. It’s not so much a shortage of topics or ideas, but it’s usually the way I want the words to fall on the page. There are moments where it never seems to come out right or it somehow doesn’t capture what my heart is trying to say.

I felt that way a lot during the past week while I was in Florida. I had so many moments where I thought, “This would be a great blog post.” However, when it came time to write it, I sat there rewriting, deleting, and then just saving the posts as drafts.

There are a lot of hard things that should be written – need to be written – but they sit in a drafts folder. They are waiting for the right time because now is a little too raw, too soon, and too overwhelming. Or it’s because I’m feeling too angry, too sad, too heartbroken, and too scared to write it.

In the past, I felt more uninhibited to write freely. However, there are many moments where I feel hesitant since my writing involves my family at time. Whether it is on the topic of parenting, marriage, or even my own upbringing, it’s not just about me, but there are others who may be involved. I try hard to think carefully about what actually ends up getting written despite the fact that I see blog posts all around me.

How do you decide what you will be writing? Or what is too personal? Is there a topic you won’t write about?

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