Summer TV List

So, there are tons of summer reading lists that are floating around this time, but I love me some TV in the summer! It’s a good time to catch up with shows that you didn’t get a chance to watch during the regular season and it’s also a great time to try out new shows! Here is my list of must see TV, summer edition:

  • Royal Pains: Did you want to spend your summer in the Hamptons? Well, join Boris, Hank, and the rest of the HankMed crew for five seasons of beautiful Hampton scenery, beaches, people, and clear blue skies. With the exception of one summer storm, every day on Royal Pains is picture perfect. Plus, by the end of the first season, you will know how to intubate and start your own concierge doctor business. Catch all five seasons on Netflix now.


  • Orange Is The New Black: Your wild days of youth catching up to you? Prepare yourself to serve your sentence by heading over to Litchfield. Don’t forget to get your prison nickname too for those prison tattoos. You can also watch this on Netflix. Let me know after you’ve watched both seasons and we can talk about it!


  • House Of Cards: Didn’t get that internship in D.C.? No problem! Intern for Frank Underwood to watch and learn from this master political insider. Everything you see is pretty much true. Bill Clinton said so. Catch both seasons on Netflix – go watch it now.


  • Dr Who: Who doesn’t want a visit from the Doctor? Plus, he rides around in a phone booth and has a beautiful British accent. What’s not to love? Jump on the Tardis and do a bit of time travel this summer! You can catch it on BBC or on Netflix.


Want more recs? Let me know! Any good shows that I should add to my own list?

Happy summer TV watching and hope you learn a little something! I’m pretty sure I would make a good CSI and a doctor – or at least play one on TV pretty darn convincingly.

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