Stories From The Car

Going for a drive

photo credit: Road Trip via photopin (license)

Car rides are the best times to talk. My mom and I probably had the best talks in the car – that or when we were by the kitchen sink. I still have fond memories of a road trip that my brother and I took right after graduating college. Some of the best talks with Ninja happened on long car rides.

Today, as I drove my parents to the airport, we had about an hour and a half drive and it was full of new and old stories. I got to learn so much more about my family history and it was exciting to know about what life was like when my mom first arrived in the States.

It was a reminder, also, that all of us have these rich stories. It shapes who we are; the decisions we made and continue to make; it shows us how we’ve changed (or maybe haven’t changed). The stories we tell also help us to feel empathy and compassion. We definitely could always use a little more empathy and compassion. What’s your story?

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