Sometimes There Are More Important Things


I’m in the midst of packing, finishing up loose ends for work and trying to blog my brains out before our family trip to Florida for the week leading up to Thanksgiving. I have ideas for blog posts for the next several days, but none of them see appropriate with what’s going on in the world.

There are terrible things happening around us in this world. Instead of being loving, promoting peace and trying to do something about it, it seems that we are doing a lot of finger pointing and judging. What is the act of loving and the act of peace that we can do today? What one tangible thing can we do to love one another?

Maybe it’s buying someone a cup of coffee or not cutting someone off on our drive to work. Maybe it’s giving someone a second chance or taking a moment to walk in their shoes. Maybe it’s saying a kind word or giving that person a smile. Maybe it’s going out of our comfort zone and talking to that person who is always sitting by themselves or in the corner. We don’t always know the stories of those we encounter, but we can change their stories and our stories for that moment.

How will you change someone’s story today?

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