Sisters or Frenemies?

I have always longed for a sister, but my parents stopped after my brother. I remember asking my mom for a sister when we were much older, but I don’t think my mom was all keen on that. Plus, I did not yet realize that you could not go and just pick a brother or a sister.

Since I only had a brother to compare as a sibling relationship, I always view these sisterly relationships as a bit more as frenemies than that of just a bit of sibling rivalry. I never had frenemy moments with my brother.

But today, Ninjette got to spend the whole day with L. The day started out with trying on shoes and a bit of a clothing swap. I imagine this is what might happen with sisters. There was a bit of “Hey, those are mine!” and  “No, I like these better – you wear those!” Ninjette and L can push each other’s buttons only like sisters can. It’s a bit cute, a bit annoying, and utterly fascinating – to me, at least!

When I tried to put them both down for a nap, there was so much giggling, building of forts and tents, and a lot of squishing in a toddler bed. I wish I had a camera in the room. Neither of them slept at all and I didn’t try too hard to enforce it since they were having so much fun. But next time, I definitely will separate them during nap time.

After their pseudo-nap/rest time, they pulled out all their dress up clothes and went to town. I so wished I had a sister when I was growing up. It was hard to get my brother to wear tutus or any dress up clothes for that matter.

Despite the bickering, there was also a lot of “I Love You’s” and hugging. Is this what it is like to be sisters? Whether or not, Ninjette has a biological or adopted sister or brother in the future, I know that her and L will always have this special bond. I hope there will be a lot more times of borrowing each other’s shoes, clothes, and flamingo pajamas. I hope that they will never think of each other as frenemies, but rather as true sisters.


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