secret millionaire?

have any of you seen this new tv show on fox called Secret Millionaire?

last night, i watched it for the first time.  i have to admit i was moved… i get moved by shows like extreme makeover home edition… i’m always a little teary eyed when ty gets teary eyed too…

anyways, as i was watching this show, it made me think about my experiences in short term missions work including my recent trip to India.  the premise of the show is that the millionaires are to go “undercover” for 5 days into some poor neighborhood and they are to meet the people and also think of at least one group of people or person to help with at least $100,000 of their own money.  last night’s episode, the couple went to Watts, California and gave away a total of $150,000 to three different community organizations plus a car.

the couple was saying that they thought they were going to be helping people, but in the end, they ended up learning so much more and being helped.  that sentiment reminded me of how i always end up feeling after returning from a short term trip.  my eyes are always opened to how differently people live – not just in different parts of the world, but right here in the United States… blocks from my own house!

it’s an interesting premise for a tv show, but i wonder if it’s a show that will not only effect its participants, but also those who watch and bring it home that our neighbors need to be taken care of too.

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