Round 2: McCain vs Obama

Debating… sometimes I get very tired of listening to candidates during debates.  The clouds of speech they use to bring on the fog when answering a question drives me a little batty.

A few observations and comments while watching the debate:

1) McCain needs to get some new ties – his orange and red striped tie makes it hard to take him seriously – slightly Ronald McDonald. His tie for the last debate sucked too. Doesn’t he have some sort of stylist? Or is this him being a “maverick” in his debate wear?

2) Tom Brokaw’s skin is amazing. I don’t even have HDTV and am amazed.  IS that really his skin or is that the work of an awesome makeup artist? If the latter, I want to hire that makeup artist! AH-MAZING!!!

3) Where did they find these people who are asking the questions? (They are supposed to be undecided voters.)  I wish they could show balloon thoughts as their questions get answered… ooh, maybe Vh1 should do a pop up episode of the debates!

4) “Talk softly and carry a big stick” – are you KIDDING me? we ain’t no thugs! “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran” – do you think McCain came up with that by himself? Oh that maverick.

5) There were moments where it seemed like Brokaw lost complete control of the debates – he is just “hired help” after all, right? Maybe he should be carrying a big stick to keep them in line.

6) Some of those audience members looked like they were asleep.

7) I’m really not into the little jokes and slapstick comments the old dude makes.

8) Best question of the night from NH: “What don’t you know and how are you going to learn it?”

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