It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Did you notice that my blog is now called 🙂 More on that later this week!

The month of May has finally passed and I think all the allergy attacks are nearly gone. It was a rough month – so bad that I thought about moving! I feel a bit relived that my allergies are back in control and I can somewhat function.

Everything in May seems to be a bit of a blur, especially after the Listen To Your Mother show – even Mother’s Day (even though we got to run the bases at Fenway!) and my anniversary with ninja. Someone in our family was always sick and then we had a bout of conjunctivitis that got both our little sunshine and me down. I think the last of it is almost on the way out. (Knocking on wood, a lot!)

It feels a lot like I’ve been holding my breath during May and just waiting for it to be over. I feel a bit of relief that we have finally moved in to June, albeit we are arriving a bit wounded.

I am hoping that summer will not be full of days treating illnesses, fevers, and repeated calls to the doctor. The past first full year of school for our ninjette has been filled with a lot of those. Better now than later, right? We will all have an iron-clad immune system next year, of course.

It’s good to be back and to have found a bit of relief.

(Sums up the month of May for us!)

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