Pearls You Can Eat: Stonyfield Yogurt Pearls

When I first discovered astronaut ice cream, I was excited
to be able to eat ice cream that didn’t melt and could be eaten anywhere at
anytime! Unfortunately, it wasn’t as tasty as real ice cream. Since then, I’ve
always been on the lookout for the next no-mess, no-melt way to have my frozen

When Stonyfield shipped me some Yogurt Pearls, I was beyond
excited to try them! The Yogurt Pearls are delicious little scoops of
Stonyfield’s organic frozen nonfat yogurt wrapped in an all-natural fruit
coating. Using this thing called WikiPearl® technology,
a protective, melt-free, mess free “skin” is created and wrapped around the
frozen yogurt ball. You can wash the Yogurt Pearls and hold them in your hand
without worrying about it melting, getting damaged, or melting.

right? The skin is made of fruit and similar to that of the skin of a grape.
Plus, they are only about 20 calories each and come in a pack of two. The added
bonus is that it is mess free while you are eating it – so perfect for kids!

My family ate the Yogurt Pearls up before I could take a picture of ours, but
luckily, Stonyfield sent me some beautiful shots to use here.

favorite flavors were the Strawberry Vanilla and the Peach Vanilla. It also
comes in Coconut Chocolate and Strawberry Chocolate. The Frozen Yogurt Pearls
are available at your nearest Whole Foods Market (except for the Providence
store) in the freezer aisle at $3.99 for two.

Beforeyou head out for your Yogurt Pearls, download and print this coupon to get 2 packs for $6.

Let me know what you think
and what your favorite flavors are!

***As a newly minted Stonyfield blogger, I was sent each one of the Yogurt Pearl flavors to try and review. All opinions are my own as always.

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