Parenting With A Lost Voice


I needed one of these megaphones today because I lost my voice. It’s become a common occurrence for my voice to go missing for a day or so since Ninjette came along. First, I get the scratchy throat with the feeling like I’ve been screaming at a rock concert. Then, the voice suddenly cracks and goes bye-bye.

I realized that not being able to speak made parenting difficult today. I have a super chatty kid who is also trying to learn how to read. All those things require so much talking! Every question has to be answered. Every word has to be read.

What made me wish for a megaphone the most, though, was when Ninjette insisted on “reading” her activity book in my bedroom while I was in the kitchen trying to make dinner. I would hear her shout her questions to me and I would try to answer, but no sound would emit. So I take the short walk around the corner and down the hall to the bedroom to answer her question. I definitely must’ve walked about mile going back and forth!

Being quiet and not being heard is something that’s hard for me. I like to talk. I like to converse. I like thinking aloud. I like a bit of noise. I like being heard. But today, was filled with silence and rare whispers. I almost thought about walking around with a notepad, but then realized quickly that Ninjette can’t read yet, so…

It was an unexpected exercise in quiet and in listening. It was nice, productive, and calming – even for Ninjette. Maybe I should lose my voice more often!

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