One Too Many Tongs #NaBloPoMo


This past spring, as I was getting ready to sell our condo, I had to do a lot of decluttering. I had seven tongs, four ladles, six spatulas and various duplicates of other tools. I don’t think I realized that I had so many of the same tools until I had to really pare down. As I was sorting through the tools wondering why I had so many of the same ones and then wondering which tools I actually use the most.

I realized that I used my tongs a lot – they are like extensions of my hands. I also use my ladles (we do a lot of soups), slotted spoon, spoon and another stir-type tool that sort of looks like a spatula. After about a week of keeping track of which ones I used, I either donated or packed up the rest of the tools.


It was nice to not have a cluttered crock jammed with mostly unused kitchen tools. Although since our move, I’ve noticed that some tools have crept back into my crock. It looks like I will need to do another edit of my kitchen.

What kitchen tools do you use the most?

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