One Spoonful at a Time towards Health

Since the fall, I’ve been trying to get healthier by exercising consistently and by making better food choices. It hasn’t been an easy journey – especially the healthier eating part. It’s been hard to say no to all the good stuff including ice cream, cream-based foods, fried foods, red meat and so forth. When it comes to eating, the hardest part of the day for me is breakfast. All I want to do is stuff myself with bagels and bacon. I’m not a cereal or sweet breakfast person naturally, so my breakfast options seemed quite limited. I had been searching for a healthier alternative for the mornings that would be both quick and easy. I tried a lot of different things and nothing really stuck. Then, I received a shipment of the new Stonyfield Whole Milk Greek Yogurt.

tower of stonyfield yogurt

My house is always filled with some sort of Greek yogurt because my husband loves them, but I’ve never been too big of a fan. I would sometimes cook with or make smoothies with Greek yogurt, but I never ended up actually eating it. I knew it was a good source of protein, but I just didn’t like the taste. I was a little skeptical about the Stonyfield Whole Milk Greek Yogurt. I liked that it had a separate fruit cup so you could control the amount of sweetness for your yogurt.

spoonful of greek stonyfield yogurt

I was pleasantly surprised when I first tasted the yogurt. It was SO SO SO good. It also didn’t have that funny smell of some other Greek yogurts. It was the perfect amount of tartness, too. I loved that I could simply read all the ingredients on the list. At only 150 calories, it was the perfect post-workout breakfast that I was looking for. Sometimes I pair it with some granola and banana. It’s also been my go-to when I am looking for a sweet treat while the rest of my family is having their ice cream. Drop in a few chocolate chips with the cherry Greek yogurt and it’s the perfect dessert. I have to admit that I was hiding some of the yogurt in the back of the fridge so the rest of my family wouldn’t eat it all up!

sneaker shot

I’m glad to say that this journey into a more healthy lifestyle has been a great example for my daughter and the rest of my family. We’ve all been trying to eat better and get more active. We love that Stonyfield has this delicious Greek yogurt that we can add to our breakfast rotation. It’s been one step at a time and definitely one delicious spoonful at a time as well!

Want to find yourself some Stonyfield Whole Milk Greek Yogurt? Check out their product locator here and let me know what you think of it after you try it. I have a feeling you are going to love it!

***This post was sponsored by Stonyfield Yogurt and I was sent a whole bunch of their Whole Milk Greek Yogurt to review. It didn’t even last two days in our house! All opinions are always mine, of course.***

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