On Being A Grump, Sometimes

Today was one of those days that I just felt like I didn’t get enough sleep last night and despite the sunshine, I still woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Nothing on the outside was seeming to be makings for a grumpy day, but everything on the inside was already in grump mode. A few words left on a voice mail yesterday was the culprit that triggered grump-fest 2013. It was a few words in about 30 seconds of time that affected my whole night last night and today. I can’t seem to shake it off and I am alternating between being angry, being sad, and being extremely annoyed.

I don’t want to be a grump, but sometimes, the grumpy pants just find their way on without being noticed until much later. Sometimes, grump days require a bit of a thunderstorm to match the grump mood and a pizza delivery for dinner.

As I try to shed the grump, I find myself unmotivated because there is a part of me that wants to dwell and wallow in it. The swimming in the sea of grump is never enjoyable and you always feel like you are on the verge of drowning.

I’m trying to shake it off, but I’m not having much success at it. How do you let things slide off your back? Any suggestions? Ideas?

I can’t wait for tomorrow to try all over again.

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