On A Sunday…

…We run to church early to get ready and prep for Sunday School. This week, I got to teach 3 – 6 year olds. Trying to simplify Jesus to kids is a wonderful lesson to me about my own faith and a great examination of what it is that I believe in. It also helps me to appreciate all the adults that are a part of Ninjette’s life. I’m so grateful and thankful to each and every one of them.

…We clean up our house and do our best to tidy up while still playing “rocketship” with Ninjette. There is always music playing – something interesting that Ninja always finds on Spotify or Pandora. We run last minute errands and sometimes take a nap. Sunday afternoon naps are glorious.

…We run off to Korean school. This is a new thing in our Sunday routine. We will see how it goes. Bear Bear always comes along. Ninjette is excited to learn Korean so that she can talk to her grandparents and great-grandmother in Korean. I hope my Korean will come back so I can help her with her homework!

…We do a last minute run to Trader Joe’s on our way back home. I forgot to get the drinks for our Ohana group meeting at our house. We pick up more bananas and a few more tempting snacks that Ninjette wants to try. The cashier gives us stickers and a lollipop. She loves Trader Joe’s because of all the stickers she always gets.

…We meet with our folks from our church who make up our Ohana group. Each part of dinner is lovingly cooked by someone in our group. I love how everyone brings a part of their families, their ethnicity, their history, their hometown through the food they cook. It’s also a time to try new recipes on eager and willing test subjects! We have become our own little family where we celebrate, laugh, cry, love, and encourage one another. We meet nearly every week. 

…We say our goodbyes and wish each other well for the week. We make plans for lunches, dinners, or a movie together. Ninja and I clean up and get Ninjette ready for bed. We kiss her good night and get ourselves ready for the week.

…We get ready to jump in for another week!

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