Napkin Hoarding Updates

A lot has happened since I last posted here. Sorry for the radio silence, but it’s been a bit crazy and I was also offline because we were camping. I didn’t think I would survive, but I did. I also had no cell phone signal so I went the longest stretch without talking to my husband since before we knew each other. It was a little strange and I felt like I had to get to know him all over again.

Anyways, so lots of stuff happened:

  • Ninjette got knighted in New York – the picture above was while she was waiting in line for the Queen – she was unimpressed by that knight.
  • The day we were leaving for camping, I had a job interview.
  • Ninja and I got into a huge fight right before we left for camping, but thankfully, we made up. Because, you know, we could’ve been eaten by bears and that would’ve been a bad way to go.
  • Ninja and Ninjette got to wake up the sun together before we left for Maine. It was too bad that Ninja had to go back to work for the rest of the week and could not join us.
  • Ninjette and I survived camping in Maine with our friends. I was proud of myself for setting up our tent, taking it down, and roughing it without Ninja. (If you know me, I am not a fan of the outdoors and this camping trip was causing me a lot of anxiety.)
  • We were rejoined by Ninja to do round two of camping – it rained a lot that evening and our tent started leaking and we had a nice little puddle in our tent. Yikes! It was still a lot of fun and I was much less bitter this time around – I will have to tell you the story about the other time I almost died camping. 😉
  • I got the job that I interviewed for before we left. I was a bit unprepared by the new routines and new everythings that would be happening because of this new job. Especially with the start of the school year as well and having just come back from camping! I needed another week to prep!
  • Ninjette started school and I started my new part time job. It’s been a juggle this week and getting used to new schedules, new routines, and me trying to figure out my schedule.
  • Oh, and I am doing some social media stuff for this awesome breast pump company – more to come next week about that on FB and on the blog!

I feel like I have been emotionally and mentally all over the place the past two weeks – not just with our stuff, but with my dad and also some dear friends of ours. There are a lot of new adventures beginning and I’m glad to be back with the rest of you Napkin Hoarders! Let’s do this!!!

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