My shameful secret

I did it. I did what I said I would never do once N got to be old enough to have classmates and do the whole Valentine’s Day thing, but I did it. I went to CVS and bought store made cards! OH THE SHAME!!!

No, seriously, I feel shame. After all, I work at a kids company that does crafts. We had a million cute ideas for cards and what did I do? I went out to CVS and purchased the most craftiest cards out there.

In my defense, since N goes to Montessori school, I didn’t know if Valentine’s was something you did. When we got the ok, I was going to go to get some craft supplies this weekend, but then the blizzard hit and we were home-bound all weekend. I know, I know!!! Excuses! Well, I still have three more days to pull something off… But just in case, my store bought valentine’s will be my back up.

Don’t judge, people, don’t judge.

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