My poor neglected napkin hoarders…

…ugh. It has been an intensely terrible winter and I am so glad that spring is right around a corner. (Maybe I shouldn’t have said that out loud?)

Ninja put away some of his winter coats, but I am afraid that if we do, we will somehow jinx spring and winter will come back with a snow storm in mid-April. If that does happen, I think I will lay out in the snow and cry myself a river.

My napkin hoarding has definitely taken a strange and unwelcome hiatus. I had big plans in January, but now it is the beginning of April! When did the three months go by? What the hell happened and why was I so freakin’ busy? I see 15 posts sitting in my drafts – posts that were either too painful for me to publish, too tiring to complete, or just puttered out of ideas and as my 4 year old would say, “I lost my mind!” (Her version of saying that she lost her train of thought!)

I am still working on my word of the year: BRAVE. My friend and co-producer set it in stone for me – literally. Each day that I get up and get going, I remind myself of being brave – of taking that next step and facing the day. I look at my stone, touch it, and remind myself that I am facing 2014 with all the flaws embraced and my head held high. In my heart, I say to myself, “Today, I am going to be brave.”

It is easier to ignore the blog and to procrastinate writing, but part of my exercise in being brave is to push past all that and to do what’s hard, what’s inconvenient, and what I really want to be doing – writing, blogging, journeying together with you.

Every time I fail, I will just get back up rather than give up. It’s been a bumpy road in the short three months of 2014. It already feels like a year has passed, hasn’t it?

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