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Many of you may remember my social media blitz and constant promotion of The Listen To Your Mother show last year. It was the inaugural show in Boston and my first time being a show co-producer. I was lucky enough to be paired with Jessica and Cheryl and am thrilled to be with them again for the 2015 season.

The first time I ever heard of The Listen To Your Mother Show was a week after I had been laid off from my startup job. I was feeling discouraged, small, and I lost a big sense of identity. During this time, I thought I would get more serious about my blog and joined the Boston Parent Bloggers network. Carla, one of the LTYM Providence directors/producers, posted in the Facebook group about submissions for auditions. They had just extended the deadline and I thought, “Hey, I’ve got nothing to do and nothing to lose – why not?” So I wrote up a piece that had been festering in my brain since Ninjette was born and suddenly, I found myself as one of the cast members for the first Providence Listen To Your Mother Show.

I don’t know if it’s possible to love a group of women at first sight, but it’s what happened to me. I was in awe of everyone and their stories. I felt honored to be a part of this group of inspiring, go-getting, brave, ah-mazing, kick-ass women. They inspired and encouraged me to have a voice and to realize the importance of my voice. Even to this day, these women are the ones that boost me up on a daily basis. I am so lucky to call them friends.

Being a part of LTYM was an important catalyst for me. My life course has been altered significantly by LTYM. I wouldn’t be here blogging. I wouldn’t have co-produced the Boston show. I wouldn’t have been selected as a Voices of the Year at BlogHer. I simply would not be here in this space or would have met the people that I have. I would not have an amazing online community that helps me with blog questions, general life questions, connects me with brands, jobs, and more friends. My online community of LTYM producers, directors, staff, and supporters from all around the country lift me up when I am down, challenge me when I need it, hold my hand when I am scared, and walk beside me in all my journeys with truth, grace, and so much genuine love. Some I have met in person, others I have yet to hug face-to-face. 

Last year’s Boston cast was another remarkable group. I was floored by all their stories. I carry each of their stories in my heart – there isn’t a moment that goes by without me remembering something about their stories.

I don’t know where you are in your life right now. I don’t know what stories you have yet to tell. I do know that you have an important story to tell. I do know that you have an important voice that needs to be heard. All of our stories bind us together with the beautiful fabric of humanity, of motherhood – desired, experienced, or perhaps unexpected. We mother, we have been mothered, we want to mother…regardless of class, race, gender, color, sexual orientation, political parties, religious beliefs, or even geographic location.

I hope that you will join me in this continued journey – whether it is in Boston or in a city near you. I hope it will be a personal catalyst for you, if you need it – much like it was for me.

Please watch this video about what LTYM is about and get your stories ready – we’re waiting!

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