My Feet Cry Freedom!


Are you a feet lover? I’m not really a feet lover, unless it’s tiny baby feet. If it’s tiny baby feet, I love feet. But usually, I could just do without feet. I could also do without socks. I abhor socks on feet – especially on my feet. They feel like they are suffocating and crying to me. If my feet were in an epic movie battle, my feet would cry freedom!

My preferred choice of footwear is flip flops or sandals. Winter makes my feet really sad because of all the boots and socks that have to cover them up. My feet are always itching to go to warmer climates when the boots and socks come out.

Luckily, a family wedding gave me the perfect excuse to escape the cold of the Northeast and fly South for a few days. It also meant that my feet could experience the freedom of summer shoe weather.

One other thing that has made feet tolerable to me is the pedicure. Do you get pedicures or have you ever had them? I was first introduced to them when I was living in Manhattan. One of my co-workers convinced me to go get a pedicure with her after work and I reluctantly went. The moment my feet came out polished, softened, cleaned, and smoothed, I was sold on pedicures. Manhattan was great because I could get a mani-pedi for $19 on a weekday on any block I wanted. It was glorious!

Now, it’s a bit of a luxury because of time and cost (they cost surprisingly way more in Boston!). However, it’s one of my favorite indulgences during the winter months. I know my feet thank me for it all the time.

What’s something that you do in the winter to take care of yourself?

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