Meeting Famous People

Are you a bit jealous? This is the wonderful and beautiful Scary Mommy AKA Jill Smokler! I was very excited to meet her since she is a blog rockstar and New York Times best-selling author. On top of all that, she is an all-around genuine and kind person!

Her new book, Motherhood Comes Naturally, is a hilarious read and every mom or mom-to-be should have a copy! She has an excerpt of her book here. I’ll wait a minute for you to go buy it on Amazon – click HERE to get the hardcover or the e-version. Purchased? AWESOME!

Ok, let’s talk about meeting famous people. What famous person or people have you met or run into? My first real encounter with a famous person was figure skater, Elvis Stojko – remember him?

He was standing in front of me at an airport in Toronto. Coincidentally, it was also the first time I found out what weed smelled like at that airport. I did not know any proper protocols for meeting anyone I’ve seen on television, so I just stood quietly behind him. After that, I did not have a celebrity encounter until I was in college – Marissa Tomei – and this time I was a brash college student who rudely asked for an autograph. She politely declined. A few years after that, I was living in New York City and ran into Steven Weber, Jon Stewart (I lived near his show’s studio), and Kelly Ripa. I ran into all of them on the street, so only brief hellos were exchanged.

Last year, when I went to BlogHer, I met all these rockstar bloggers that I had been reading for a few years and meeting them IRL (in real life) was a little mind blowing! I also got to see Katie Couric, Martha Stewart, and a few other celebrities, but it wasn’t as mind blowing as I thought it would be. 

I have to say that meeting some of these bloggers was the most exciting part for me because they were like me. They weren’t these superstar actors and celebrities – they were regular people. They were people who had been willing to take the plunge to be vulnerable, real, honest, hilarious – to all of the people on the interwebs. It was pretty cool. They were definitely inspiring and cool.

I got to spend almost 2 hours with Jill in a small group at a local Panera. We laughed, we shared stories, and we got to ask her all sorts of questions. It such a refreshing, motivating, and energizing experience. Thank you Scary Mommy and the organizers for a great morning! I’m still a little starstruck! 🙂

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