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Welcome to Napkin Hoarder! I’m so glad to meet you and that you are visiting my site! I’m Phyllis and I’m the mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, and chief napkin hoarder of this blog.

My napkin hoarding began as a young child when my immigrant parents would take a nice healthy pile of napkins from whatever fast food/fast casual/napkin giving restaurant we went to. We always had stashes of napkins in the car, at home, in pockets, and in purses. If you ever needed a napkin, someone in my family would always have an extra!

As a mom, now, I’ve found myself surrounded by piles of napkins. Need a napkin? I’ve got one for you!

Besides napkins, my blog is all about growing up in an immigrant family and figuring out life with one foot as an American and the other foot as an Asian. As a parent, I am still finding myself straddling two worlds and navigating what it means to raise a child as an Asian American.

You will find a some bits of phyllisophy on parenting, race & diversity, faith, Boston living, cool products (Did I tell you I love new products, apps, and tech? Yeah – I’m a sucker for anything new!), blogging & social media, depression, and this incredibly amazing show called Listen To Your Mother.

Thanks again for coming by!

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