Making Time

Most days, I’m always rushing around trying to get to school or an afterschool activity on time, making dinner, finishing up something for work, helping with homework and making sure everyone has some clean underwear.

Sometimes, even during family vacations, I feel a bit crazed trying to make sure everyone is looked after. This morning, I yelled at Ninja and Ninjette because I felt they were having a bad attitude. I took a half an hour to be alone and run some needed errands after a short workout. I felt better after that, but it got me thinking about how we spend time with each other. Maybe we needed to adjust to just being with one another all the time without all the busyness.

Usually, at home, we are surrounded by all of our devices, the television and separated in several different rooms. On vacation, we are usually in a single space and we do our best to reduce the number of devices we travel with. We are usually together most of the days and nights. At home, we are apart for the bulk of the day. We will be together for dinner and an hour or so after, but then it’s bedtime for Ninjette. We don’t really spend that many hours a day together. Sometimes, even on vacation, we need our moments of alone time. We try to build that in, especially for those of my family who are much more introverted.

Yesterday and today, I got to spend some extended time with Ninjette. It was nice and it reminded me of the days when she was little. I took her everywhere with me, but now, she doesn’t always like to go to the grocery store or run errands. She voices her opinions and she can no longer fit in a carrier. Her feet and mind take her wherever she wants to go. Sometimes, I just have to follow.

We had lots of moments of laughing, high fives and silliness. I know that when we have this solid time together, she feels more confident, independent and secure. I have to remember to make those kinds of times when we are back home. I have to remember to put my phone and laptop down, look at her little face and be present. I know the years are going to fly by – they already have.

How do you make time for your kids or loved ones?

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  1. November 22, 2015

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