Making A Change For Health #NaBloPoMo

It’s no secret that I’m getting older. When I turned 25, I could tell that it took a little more to bounce back from a late night, a plate of buffalo wings or even a time change.

After becoming a parent, I noticed that everything got a bit harder and I needed to make a change. The sleep deprivation didn’t help me to really make the changes I needed. Also, why is parenting so tiring all the time?

But recently, I’ve been feeling the push to make healthier life choices. Much of it comes from the reality that the choices we make have a great impact on my health later in life. I know that exercise helps to stave off Alzheimer’s or that losing weight and changing my food habits can prevent diabetes.

I have discovered more about my family’s health history, which has helped to see where I can make different choices. It’s been really eye opening to track what I eat and to set fitness goals.

The hardest part, though? Actually making the change and sticking to it. With the cold weather settling in, I want all the comfort foods and I don’t want to go outside. I’d rather stay covered in blankets than go for a run.

What I do know, though, is that these changes are all necessary and a must-do. For my health, for my family and mostly for myself because I know I will feel better, have more energy, and grow old gracefully.

What changes have you made in your life for health? How do you keep yourself accountable and stick to the goals you set?

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