Make A Tissue Box Guitar*

My kids love jammin’ like rock stars all the time. They play their air guitar and they dance their hearts out! You can make this tissue box guitar in no time and let your kids rock out all day.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Empty Tissue Box (the flatter rectangular shaped one works better)

  • Scissors

  • Large rubber bands

  • Paper Towel roll

  • Colored duct tape

Let’s get jammin’:

1. Start taping the outside of the tissue box with strips of colored duct tape. We love yellow, so we opted for the yellow duct tape. You could also just paint the box or do stickers – however your kids want to decorate the box!

2. Cut about 1 inch slits on one end of the paper towel roll. This will make little flaps which you can bend to add to the top of the body of the tissue box guitar.

3. Pull the rubber bands around the tissue box. We used three rubber bands, but you could use more – just put them closer together.

4. Put the paper towel roll on the top of the tissue box and tape the flaps down. I would also tape all around the bottom of the paper towel roll to secure it. I also added more duct tape around the body of the tissue box guitar to secure the rubber bands down.

5. Tape the handle as well. You can trick out your tissue box guitar more with some bling, stickers, and attach a ribbon strap. Using the duct tape reinforces the box a bit for longer lasting play.

We’ve taken our yellow rock star guitar everywhere with us and we’ve even made a kiddie rock band with our friends – be on the lookout for these soon-to-be rock stars! Rock & Roll, BabbaKids!

*This post was originally written for and published at prior to their acquisition by Barefoot Books.

  1. July 6, 2016
  2. August 2, 2017

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