Kid’s Book Review: Ella

I was thrilled to receive a free copy of Ella for review and to share it with my daughter. As always, all opinions expressed in this review are my own or my daughter’s. 

As a huge fan of Eloise (and a closet fan of The Suite Lifeof Zack & Cody), stories about little kids living in a hotel fascinate me!As a child, I still remember visiting the Waldorf Astoria and Park Plaza hotelsin New York City and being mesmerized at the beauty and opulence of thesebeautiful hotels. The crisp sheets, little soaps, and the elevators were my
favorite things.

Even now, as an adult, the thought of living in a hotel sounds
exciting and fun. I probably would opt for a hipster hotel like the Local from
this delightful (yes, that word captures how this book makes me feel!) modern
take on Eloise.   

Cue Ella – the six year old who rules a Brooklyn hotel and
knows the perfect times to drop her Metro card or a fart. I thoroughly enjoyed
reading Ella with my own urban living hipster child.


My daughter loved that Ella lived in the city like her,
liked looking at the stars from the rooftop bar, and helped to make sure all
things went smoothly at the hotel (e.g. muddling mint, getting ice, and collecting
all the “do not disturb” signs).


The illustrations in this book are beautiful and truly
reflect a diverse cast of characters. It also captures city life in a poetic way. This is a must-read for all city dwellers, adults and children alike! You also don’t want to miss out on your chance to do a little rap for your kids! 

Check your local library or click on the cover below to get your copy of Ella. Happy reading!

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