Keeping the Magic Alive or Opposites Attract


This has become a rare sighting since little Ninjette was born nearly four years ago. Also, we happen to be two folks who don’t take lots of pictures in general, unless it is the kiddo. We’re trying, but it’s hard to get out in front of the camera sometimes!

Ninja is my complete opposite. If we had relied on something like e-Harmony to get set up, we never would’ve met. He’s quiet, reserved, and treasures alone time. I am usually loud, overly outgoing at times, and thrive in a crowd. I like to talk and he likes to listen. Sometimes, it works out just right and other times, there’s a big clash. We don’t always have things in common or a ton of shared activities, likes, etc. We have to work to stay connected.

Once we became parents, it was even harder to find time to spend together amidst the exhaustion, working, keeping up with the loads of laundry, and the general feeling (from me) – despite my love of crowds and people – that I couldn’t get a moment alone. I never had so many moments where I just wanted to be by myself and enjoy some silence. Very unlike me, but that’s what I craved.

We both were realizing that we needed the time together. It would be a huge help to our relationship and to our parenting as well. We needed to be able to connect as a couple before we could really connect as parents and to be the united stand that we desired to be as parents. We also really felt it was important to show Ninjette that us being a married couple was an important thing – we weren’t just mommy and daddy, but we were also husband and wife.

We’ve really treasured the time that we get to spend together – just the two of us. It’s quite a treat and I appreciate the time that I get to spend with Ninja. I love that he is the opposite of me. Over the years, he’s really grounded me, balanced me, taught me how to think before I leap, showing me that taking a moment to mull things over is a good thing, broadened my taste in music, and encouraged me to try new things and foods.

It’s been an interesting journey to see Ninjette grow and take on traits from the both of us. Seeing our two personalities meshed in this little person has been enlightening and amazing. It’s also been a great reminder of what attracted me to Ninja in the first place.

So, we do our best to keep the magic alive because one day, our Ninjette will leave our nest to make her own. Then, we will be back to the two of us and I still hope that many many years from now, we will still have new things to discover about each other. I hope that we will still have lots of stuff to talk about with each other and be able to share how we’ve each grown in our own ways and also together. And of course, I hope that our opposites will be keeping the magic alive. 😉

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