It’s been a while, hasn’t it? My napkin hoarding always tends to spiral out of control from November to the end of the year. The past two months have even more wild than in years past. Maybe because I am getting older or maybe I just decided to take on way more than I should have on top of lots of family circumstances that have been difficult. I just couldn’t wait for 2013 to be over.

So here I am. I am thankful that I had a moment to catch my breath today. I am also thankful for awesome brakes on my aunt’s car because we would’ve been in a terrible car collision today without them. (Do you think that means I will be extremely lucky for 2014 or I used up all my luck for the year already?) I am also thankful for all of you and for walking in this journey with me. 2013 had many lows, but it also had some noteworthy highs. I hope we, as a nation and as a world, will continue to progress in justice, equity, and loving one another and our planet more than ever.

But for today, I leave you with this hot steaming bowl of rice cake soup. It is a traditional Korean meal always eaten on the first day of the new year. This bowl was even more special to me because my mom and her sisters made it together with laughter and love. May your 2014 be full of laughter and love in large healing bowls that will keep you warm and full throughout the entire year.

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