In a funk or maybe it’s just been a long winter?


This is how I’ve been feeling lately – a bit like a turtle holed up in her shell and bundled up in a thick blanket.

The past two weeks have been a bit stressful for me and I have been realizing that I tend to eat a lot more snacks when I am stressed and I feel super fatigued. I am sure those are related to each other along with my severe increase in television watching – none of these things help. I wish I was a runner instead.

My visit with my parents was great, but also so heartbreaking. I always walk away from visits with them feeling so frustrated, sad, and like my hands are tied. I wish I had a magic wand to make it all better.

My beloved city of Boston was rocked twice in one week. I am so thankful to all the law enforcement and the COMMUNITY of Boston. It amazed me how everyone came together in the throws of crisis and I am proud to be a part of this community.

But these things have taken a toll on me and I feel like I am still stuck in the looooooooong winter.

As much as I would like to think that our lives go on in the same ways, there is a big part of me that doesn’t want it to continue on. I always want to scream, “STOP! Don’t you see what just happened and what is happening?!”

But no one stops. The world keeps going on and sometimes I just get stuck.

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