I Love You Costco Baby Wipes!


Before I had Ninjette, I was not a fan of baby wipes. I didn’t like their fake “baby” scent and I never felt clean after using them. Fast forward to AFTER Ninjette and I will swear by the Costco baby wipes. I love that I can buy a giant box of them and they will usually have a coupon every couple months. It’s unscented, super strong, soft, and cleansing. (Well, that’s what I think…)

Since Ninjette is no longer in diapers, I use these wipes for all sorts of things including quick kitchen clean ups and craft clean ups. I still carry around a small package of baby wipes in my bags because I find them incredibly handy. I’ve been savoring this last box of wipes because I probably won’t buy another giant box of twenty of these things since there are no baby butts to wipe right now. I am trying to think of a legitimate reason to continue to purchase these wipes, but it’s been a bit difficult to come up with a good one.

I think if I were stranded on a desert island, I would definitely take these wipes with me. Is there a product that you can’t seem to live without?

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  1. December 13, 2022

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