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Have you seen this SNL skit featuring Thanksgiving dinner and Adele’s “Hello”? It was going around on Facebook and I found an article on about it.

I wish I was carrying around my boombox with Adele’s “Hello” ready to play. I think I will need it with all my extended family.

I will confess that Ninja and I lean more towards the left than people may think we do. In addition to that, we are much more likely to vote as Democrats. It is also no secret that I love Obama.

Last night, though, I realized that the rest of my family may not agree with my political leanings or my choice in news channels. They are my family and I love them dearly, but I felt so disappointed. Those who are running for political office espouse lots of things and if they have supporters, it reminds me that there are many people who agree with those statements or are willing to overlook what is being said because they feel that a candidate’s character or attitude don’t matter as much as their proposal for a fiscal policy.

I don’t know if “Hello” will provide a Thanksgiving miracle for me, but I know that one hot topic I will be avoiding is politics. Do you have hot topics that you avoid with family? What are they? What do you do to deflect or redirect hot topic conversations during family gatherings?

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  1. November 23, 2015

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