history in the making…

well today is the day. we’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. i wonder how g.w. bush is feeling today?

nevertheless, today’s result will be some sort of history in the making.  i feel like we’ve already had some history making in the fact that we’ve had a serious non-white candidate and a woman as a vice presidential candidate.  those two things in itself are pretty amazing.  when i was growing up, i said that i wanted to grow up to be the president of the united states. my immediate responses were: “you have to be born in the u.s.” “a woman will never become president” “an asian will never become president” “you’re a girl AND an asian – you’ll never see that happen – ever.”  only my parents ever encouraged me.

there was probably a day when people could not imagine an african american being in the white house nor could they imagine a woman running mate.  i am so proud of our country.  i am proud that when my child(ren) grow up, they will see a different kind of white house and will see different kinds of possibilities.  hopefully, no one will say to them that it is an impossibility because their face happens to be asian or because they are a woman.

it’s been a long time coming, but we’re slowly getting there…

video courtesy of kimchi mamas: http://kimchimamas.typepad.com/kimchi_mamas/2008/11/did-you-let-you.html

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