Someone once told me that if you do something for 40 days, it will become a habit. The last 30 days, I was posting on this blog every day. Maybe if I just continue this for another 10 days, it will become a habit. It’s not a bad habit to have!

For years, I’ve tried to get into a running habit, a salad eating habit, a yogurt eating habit, a breakfast eating habit, and a waking up early habit. I’m still working on so many of these habits and I can never make it to 40 days on them. 

The salad eating habit isn’t that hard because I like salads, but when winter comes, the habit comes completely undone. My yogurt eating habit is never successful since I am lactose intolerant and despite how good the probiotics might be, it is abandoned quite quickly. I have even tried the lactose free ones, but still… Since I am not much of a morning person and I generally dislike breakfast foods, this is one habit that might not ever become a habit.

The running habit? I’m still working on. I have to run a 5K on Saturday and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be painful because I don’t have much of a running habit thus far. If I’m still alive after Saturday, I’ll continue posting on this blog. 😉

What habits do you want to to develop? What habits do you wish you could stop? Do you have any tips for developing and maintaining habits?

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