Getting To Know Yourself #JustBeYou

***This post was sponsored by prAna and Stonyfield. I received my lovely prAna Rochelle sweater to review and wear for #JustBeYou. I also received a lot of delicious Oh My Yog! yogurt from Stonyfield. All opinions here are my own.***

I have to admit that this post was really hard to write. Not because of the delicious Stonyfield Oh My Yog! yogurt or because of the cozy prAna Rochelle sweater, but because I wasn’t really sure how I defined myself. It definitely helped me to pause and take some time to get to know myself.

Picking out clothing from the prAna website was time consuming because there were so many awesome things to choose from and because I wasn’t sure how things were going to fit. I definitely have a lot of body issues and none of the models on the site really had my mom-body type. After some time, though, I settled on a much needed sweater for the cooler weather.

prAna Rochelle sweater

The prAna Rochelle Sweater (from the prAna website)

The Rochelle sweater was definitely something I would consider my style. It had a cowl neck – perfectly warm without having to add a scarf and not restricting like a turtleneck. I also loved the contrast color sleeves and the relaxed fit.

It definitely needs a tank underneath since it’s a bit sheer, but it was a perfect top layer for the cooler weather and I didn’t feel too hot wearing a lightweight down jacket over it. The relaxed fit was just right to hide the mom-body spots I’m still working on. The only thing I didn’t like too much was that it got wrinkly pretty easily.

I know I will be pulling on this sweater a lot. It was the right amount of warmth for running errands, working from home, having some fun with my kiddo and enjoying a beautiful fall day with my family. My Rochelle sweater is also the perfect match for when I’m getting ready in the morning and having to grab a quick breakfast while packing lunch, brushing my daughter’s hair, making her breakfast and getting her to catch the school bus

Stonyfield's Oh My Yog! Gingered Pear

Stonyfield’s Oh My Yog! Gingered Pear

on time! My go-to breakfast lately has been the luxurious Oh My Yog! yogurt, especially the gingered pear flavor.

As a working parent, I find myself rushing around to get everything done in a limited amount of time and I often forget to eat a healthy breakfast and/or lunch. Oh My Yog! is filling, yummy, not too sweet and gives me a nice boost of protein to get my day going. And if I miss lunch, it’s the perfect in-between lunch and dinner snack.

I also realized that one of my favorite spots to be is my kitchen. It’s the hub of our family and a big part of who I am. One of the ways that I express my love and care for my family, or anyone who comes to our home, is with a well-stocked fridge full of fruits, cheese, Stonyfield yogurt, drinks of all kinds and various snacks or leftovers. It’s a part of me being me – you won’t be hungry if you are with me!

Another big part of me is social media. I’m fortunate enough to be able to have a job (actually two jobs!) where I can work from home. It gives me great flexibility, but it can also be a bit isolating and lonely at times. Social media helps me to feel like I’m working in the midst of a whole bunch of co-workers and also gives me some of the “water cooler” times. It’s also the way that I connect with my co-workers and offers another method of communication beyond emails and phone calls. I love my virtual office because it’s a global one.

prAna - Living life with the best prAna sweater - warm, cozy and a perfect layer.

Living life with the best prAna sweater – warm, cozy and a perfect layer for a busy working mom.

The other part of my life that has a lot of my brain space is trying to be more active and eat healthier. One of the things that really appealed to me about prAna clothing was that it reminded me about my fitness and healthy eating goals. The clothes made me feel good about how I looked and also made me feel so comfortable. I wasn’t thinking about the clothes I was wearing or about sucking in my gut, but I could focus on what I was doing and on moving around comfortably. I’m looking forward to also checking out their yoga clothing line as I continue to expand my fitness routines.

The past few weeks have helped me to get to know myself – as a working parent, a wife, a friend, a blogger and as a social media lover. I’m a connoisseur of comfort because I want people to feel that way when they encounter me – comfortable, unrestrained and at home. It shows in my clothing (yes, you can be stylish and comfortable!) and it shows in what’s in my fridge. So thank you prAna for giving me comfortable and stylish options and thank you Stonyfield for 6 ounces of luxury that I can spoon out – even on the go.

How do you #JustBeYou? To help you get to know yourself and to #JustBeYou, I have a discount code for you to prAna AND one lucky reader will win their choice of clothing from the prAna Organic line (up to a $99 value).

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