Five Random Things About Me


I was recently tagged by‘s Casey to lay out 5 random things, about me, on the interwebs. Here we go:

1. I pair kimchi with everything. Cinnamon rolls, pizza, pasta, steak, sandwiches, bagel and cream cheese. Pretty much everything. Right now, I don’t have kimchi in my fridge and I am dying a little bit each day I don’t have it.

2. I like food cold. I don’t like reheated foods and I don’t like soups and other food items too hot. I would rather eat it cooled, lukewarm, or cold. My husband thinks it’s strange. It also doesn’t matter what the leftover is. I will eat it cold. If it’s soup and it’s cold out, I will reheat it only to the point to take the chill off a little.

3. Baking and cleaning help me to de-stress. I don’t usually eat too many baked goods since I am more a savory lover, but there is something greatly satisfying about 3 dozen freshly baked cookies or a clean toilet.

4. My brother and I don’t look much alike. We always say we found him under a bridge somewhere. One time, we were on a family vacation and the cruise ship photographer thought we were boyfriend and girlfriend and tried to get us to take a picture together. We both grumbled that we were siblings. The photographer didn’t bother us again. He has an uncanny resemblance to the golfer Phil Mickelson, but Asian. I don’t think I look like Phil at all. Or my brother. What do you think?


5. I greatly dislike socks. Socks suffocate my feet. I love flip flops and sandals – shoes that allow my feet to breathe and be free. If my feet had a motto, it would adopt New Hampshire’s state motto: “Live free or die!”

Let’s continue this game of tag! Up next: Cheryl from, Kimberly from Red Shutters, Danielle from Another Version Of Mother, Melissa from A Wide Line, and Lisa from Squared Mommy.

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