Five Must Haves to Staying Warm In Your New England Home

Winter is clearly upon us in New England because this is how I am dressed every day.

When the outside is freezing, the inside gets chilly too. Obviously, I cannot be bundled up like this in my house and I don’t need to, but there are days that I feel like this because I am not used to cold like this. It’s bone-chilling cold. Brrrrr….

This cold weather always reminds me of the first winter I spent in Boston. The first floor apartment I lived in suddenly went arctic mid-November. My roommates and I had no idea why it was so cold and why the heat was not turning on. After a quick call to the landlord, we discovered the perils of oil heat. Apparently, many New England homes still use oil heat and our oil had run out. We must’ve piled on blankets, jackets, sweaters, fleece, and anything else that would keep us warm until we could get our oil tank refilled. It was the longest weekend ever.

After that incident, I decided that my home would always be prepared for the cold. Here are the five things that are part of my must haves to stay warm in a New England home:

1. Blankets. Fleece, microfiber, down, cotton, polyester, furry, non-furry, etc. Any kind of blanket. Many of them. While you are at it, buy a nice basket to hold all your blankets.

2. Slippers or fuzzy socks. I’m not a socks person, but winter here forces me to become a socks person – just for winter. I especially like fuzzy socks rather than slippers since wearing shoe-like things on my feet in my house makes me feel all wrong.

3. Window Insulator Kit. Windows get drafty and just about every place I have lived in Boston has drafty windows. A hair dryer and the insulator kit will help to keep the heat in – it’s amazing!

4. Space Heater or an Electric Fireplace. Who doesn’t love a fireplace? I was surprised at how much a space heater helps in keeping a room warm. The three of us are usually in one room together, so we don’t have to turn the heat up in the whole house, but can just turn on our space heater. I am thinking we may need to upgrade to an electric fireplace!

5. Baked Goods. I eat much more in the winter because I think that eating will help me to stay warmer. However, when I talk about baked goods, I’m talking about using your oven to bake your favorite cookie, cake, muffin, etc. I like to make Martha Stewart’s soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies. The whole house smells great, gets warmed up by the oven, and you get some delicious baked goods! It’s a win-win for all!

What are some things you do to keep your home warm and cozy in the winter?

***All links in the post are for products that look nice and cozy – some of them I have used personally and others were just highly rated. I have actually tried the cookie recipe and would definitely recommend it. It’s always a big hit!***

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