Don’t Be Hangry – Have A Stonyfield Fruit Snack!

Stonyfield Fruit Snacks CowsDisclosure: Thanks to Stonyfield Yogurt  for providing the cute and delicious fruit snacks! All opinions are always my own.

Have you ever heard of the term “hangry”? If you haven’t, it’s the anger that bubbles up when you’re hungry. In my house, we are quite familiar with this term. It probably runs in the family since both my husband and I get this. It first showed signs on our honeymoon when we were looking for the beach our boutique hotel had recommended. It was hot; I had skipped breakfast; and the beach was more than just a few steps away. All my hangry slipped away, though, when I got to enjoy the best ceviche on the beach. Whew – crisis narrowly averted.

We hoped that this hangriness stopped with us, but alas, it has been passed down to the Ninjette. To stave off all hangry situations, I usually keep a stash of snacks in my car, in my huband’s car and in my bag. I will have snacks like squeezable apple/fruit sauces, pretzels, rice crackers and fruit leather. I was so glad to be able to add these cute little fruit snack cows to the mix. These new organic Stonyfield fruit snacks are made with real fruit and vegetable juices, colors that come from natural sources, no artificial flavors or preservatives, and 100% daily value of Vitamin C. That boost of Vitamin C is perfect for the cooler weather that’s upon us now. My daughter is pretty picky about fruit snacks, so when she gave these a double thumbs up, I knew we had a winner.

Stonyfield Organic Fruit SnacksIt’s also a great sweet treat for after school, in the lunchbox, playdates and snack time. I usually pair it with some sunflower seeds for a nice sweet/salty combo. The huge plus to these fruit snacks is that they also don’t get squished or crushed when they are in my bag or car.

What snacks do you have on hand to combat hangriness?

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