Can I Survive A Week Without Candy Crush?

In a few weeks, we will be going camping. Like out in the wild camping, not camping in your backyard camping. This is pretty serious.

See? We even had Ninjette practice sleeping in the tent. We should’ve set up the tent in the parking spot of our city condo to really practice, but our living room sufficed for us. Plus, there are a bunch of stray cats roaming our city streets these days. But I digress…

For three days, I am going to be camping without Ninja (well, that is the plan right now and I am trying to see if he will skip out on work and join us, but…) – it will just be me & Ninjette with two other families. Am I worried? A little. But it’s not because I can’t set up our tent – I totally can. It’s also not because I hate the outdoors or because I have a severe dislike for bugs, bears, and beans. (Actually, I kind of like beans, but I couldn’t think of another “B” word to flow with my alliteration.) It’s not even that this will be my first time camping with Ninjette and the fact that I will be doing it without Ninja for the first three days.

No, my greatest worry is, “How will I survive without Candy Crush for three days?” Just kidding. Well sort of – it does have to do with my phone. I’m worried about how I will keep it charged during the days that I will be out in the wilderness. I mean, will I even get a signal?

I know, I know, I know. I am totally missing the point of being out in nature and camping. But I want to take pictures with my phone, you know? What if there is an emergency? How will I tell Ninja about the first fish that Ninjette caught – with her bare hands??? These are important things to capture and convey, aren’t they?????!!!!

In all seriousness, though, I feel like this is a serious problem for me. Prior to our iPhones, we had dumb phones or almost smart phones. (Mine was able to get emails, but that was the extent of its smartness.) It wasn’t a big deal to go unplugged because we didn’t rely on it. Since we got our smart phones last fall, I’ve come to rely heavily on it. My calendar, my life, my e-mails, my blogging, my pictures – everything is on there. I use it every day, but rarely make phone calls on it. Oh the irony.

I find it hard to put it down and to walk away from it. The thought of not using it for nearly a week is unfathomable to me. But I am determined to unplug and camp my heart out with Ninjette and our friends. However, I will let you know when we’re leaving and when our supposed return date will be. That way, if you don’t hear from me that I’ve returned, send help and an extra battery pack for my iPhone.

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