as close as i will get to american idol…

While we were on vacation, we got to go to the American Idol Experience at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios.  It officially opens this Saturday, Feb. 14th I believe.

Both the Ninja and I are not American Idol worthy (although, I do love my karaoke time to time) and wished that some of our good friends were there with us.  We know (or we would’ve made them) that they would’ve tried out, gotten on stage, and lived our the dream for us!!!

I have to admit, I first thought it was going to be pretty cheesy, but when we got there, it was pretty cool.  I’ve seen the stage a million times on tv, but it was different to experience it up close and personal sitting in the second row in the center.  We got to see the inner workings with the cameras and how they put on the show, plus three contestants tried out that day (they had to get the “ticket to hollywood” by trying out in the morning) and one would move on to the next round… with a finale in the evening at 7 pm.  the winner of the finale would get a spot in the auditions for the actual American Idol! that’s pretty cool!

The contestants were actually really good – they could really sing! If only the mighty Kahn & the mighty Go were there… It totally would’ve been an experience to remember!

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