An Airport Love Affair #NaBloPoMo

Mumbai airport domestic departure terminal

Credit: Prateek Karandikar

One of my favorite places to go is the airport. I love the glossy floors and big windows. I love the airplanes in their perfectly aligned rows. I love the comings and goings and the bustle of all the people. I wonder where people are flying in from or where they are flying to. I wonder about who they are meeting and who they are leaving. I also am so curious about the pilots, flight attendants, the luggage handlers and all the TSA officers.

I enjoy going to the airport to drop off and pick up people. It’s exciting to send someone off and to welcome someone home. The best thing about the airport, though, is when you are getting ready to take off for a trip. The anticipation is sometimes overwhelming.

I love getting to the gate and waiting for the door to open for boarding. It’s my time to grab snacks that I don’t usually eat, get fancy bottled water and all the fun magazines I never have time for reading. Then, it’s a solid four to six hours or more (depending on where I am flying to) where I am “forced” to either watch tv and movies til my eyes fall out, read all the magazines and books or just sleep. Sometimes, it’s a must needed time away from the internet.

Do you love the airport? Where are you going to be traveling to soon? Need a ride to or from the airport? Let me know!


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